Supplemental Security Income

Unlike many attorneys who will not represent people who are trying to obtain Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”), I do take these cases and I will represent you in your claim for SSI benefits.

Supplemental Security Income benefits are designed to provide income for a disabled adult or child who meets the financial requirements of the Social Security System.

Social Security places strict limitations on what assets you can have and what income you can make to be eligible to receive these benefits. Married persons cannot have in excess or $3,000 in resources and single persons cannot have in excess of $2,000 in resources. What is counted as a resource and what property is exempt is a long and technical list.

2012 monthly benefit. For 2012 the maximum SSI benefit is $698.

Medicaid. Medicaid is a jointly funded health insurance program by the Federal government and Colorado. If you qualify for Supplemental Security Income, you will also qualify for Medicaid.

Call me today if you have need help filing your claim, or if you have a claim pending and you need an attorneys help.

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